Real estate agents carrying guns for protection

In the wake of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter’s tragic murder, Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson reports that more real estate agents are carrying guns for protection.

No surprise there.  After news of the murder rocked the real estate community,  agents (and women in particular), are justifiably concerned for their safety.

During a short Power Panel segment on her television program, The Real Story, Carlson discusses the controversial topic of real estate agents carrying guns with three female guests.

The show highlighted the very different ways people approach the topic of safety, but the basis of safety remain…

Awareness.  Preparedness. Training.

Right now, the real estate community is acutely AWARE of the danger.  There’s probably not an agent out there meeting a stranger, sitting in a vacant house, or walking through a strange neighborhood who isn’t aware of the danger.

That’s a GREAT first step.  And not just for real estate agents.

EVERYONE in every situation needs to be aware of the potential for danger.  The late great Jeff Cooper created the color system of situational awareness.

In short, Condition White is where you are essentially unaware and ignorant of your surroundings or the potential for danger.  You’re simply not paying attention and you’re ripe to be victimized.

Condition Yellow is a heightened state of caution.  No danger is present, but you’re on the lookout for signs.  This is the ideal state to be in at all times.

Condition Orange is when you recognize a potential threat and are paying close attention to see if it actually develops.  Think of the scene in Beverly Hills Cop when Eddie Murphy saw the two thugs walk into the club in overcoats.

Condition Red is when the threat manifests and you’re moving toward flight or fight.

Of course, when you’re in Condition Orange situation, the importance of PREPAREDNESS becomes evident.  If you don’t have a means of protecting yourself, you’re in trouble.

When you’re prepared, although you’re still scared, at least you have a plan.  When you’re NOT prepared, fear and quickly degrade into panic.

But when the danger manifests and you find yourself in Condition Red, what matters now is TRAINING.

There’s a BIG difference between being prepared and being trained.

So, if carrying a gun is part of your preparation to protect yourself, then remember to take the next step and get trained.

Because if you find yourself going from Condition Orange to Condition Red, knowing how to effectively use that gun your carrying could be the difference between life and death.