When minutes matter, how important are seconds?

The widely publicized 911 call in the Moore, Oklahoma beheading incident illustrates how every minute counts when faced with a deadly threat.

While panicked employees cowered in fear waiting for law enforcement to arrive, company executive Mark Vaughan retrieved his personal firearm and put a stop to the murderous rampage.

Every minute mattered.  Even a 5 or 10 minute response time is a lifetime in a life or death situation.

According to Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis, as reported in the Washington Times, “This was not going to stop if he [Vaughan] didn’t stop it.  It could have gotten a lot worse.”

But if minutes matter, how important are seconds?

According to firearms manufacturer Beretta in their free e-book Ten Essential Tips for CCW Holders:

  • 95% of gunfights take place in 0-21 feet. (Source – FBI)
  • The average man can cover 21 feet of ground in 1.5
  • The average gunfight is over in 3-5 seconds.

Based on these stats, it’s plainly obvious that EVERY SECOND MATTERS.

So if you’ve chosen to own a gun for personal defense…

Your gun can’t help you if you don’t have it with you when danger appears.  Unless you can predict the unpredictable, the closer your gun is to you at all times, the safer you are.

Simply carrying a gun doesn’t mean you know how to use it quickly and effectively under stress.  Even if you shoot accurately at the target range, it doesn’t mean you can shoot accurately under time pressure…unless you practice doing so.

Also, speed is more than just pointing and shooting.  What about the time it takes to draw your gun?  Once again, proper technique and practice can shave seconds off the time it takes to get your firearm in position to protect you.

And what about jam and emergency reloads?  If your gun stops working or runs out of ammo in the middle of an altercation, are you rehearsed in QUICKLY getting the gun running again?

If your life and safety are important enough for you to own a gun, then they’re important enough to get properly trained…and to practice regularly to keep your skills sharp.

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