Will ISIS brutality make it to the United States?

The U.S. government said Ebola wouldn’t make it to the U.S.

It did.

Will ISIS brutality make it here too?

Reports coming out of the Middle East tell of horrifying atrocities including beheading, torture and maiming of innocent people.

Some in the United States will choose to solely depend on the government for their safety.

Others will exercise their Second Amendment right to have a solid Plan B which includes being well-armed.

If you choose to be among them, we remind you that guns and ammo don’t make you safer. They only make you FEEL safer.

To truly enhance your safety with a firearms, it’s imperative to be properly trained and to diligently practice your skills.

Better to be prepared and not have need than to have need and not be prepared.

Our mission is to provide time and money saving resources to firearms owners so they don’t just own a gun, but they know who to use it effectively…even in high stress situations.

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