Home Invasion Thwarted by Gun Owner

Two home invaders surprised a 73-year old man in the mid-morning, but it turns out it was the home invaders were the ones surprised.

It turns out the 73-year old man had a gun…and wasn’t afraid to use it.

You can read the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s account of the incident here.

Sadly, across the country, home invasions are occurring on a daily basis.   And it’s not just “rough” areas.  Upscale neighborhoods are getting hit too.

In fact, recently the San Jose Mercury News reported a home invasion in the affluent Silver Creek Country Club development in Silicon Valley.  So no one is immune.

But what can you do?

Some people will petition their local government for more and better police coverage.  Others will create or join neighborhood watch programs.

Many will purchase alarms systems, set up security cameras, and be more diligent about keeping doors and windows locked…even get a dog.

But some concerned residents will buy a gun…or dust off an old gun they’ve had locked up in storage and never given much thought to.

If you are considering having a firearms be a part of your personal home security preparations, then we strongly recommend that you invest the time and resources to get professionally trained.

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility.

A high stress life-or-death situation is no time to discover that your skills and preparation are lacking.

A cop is nothing more than a properly trained good guy with a gun.  And if you’re in danger and the cops can’t get there in time to save you, then YOU may need to be that properly trained good guy or gal with a gun.

Firearms Training Advocates exists to help current or soon-to-be firearms owners to find the resources, education and training needed to be a safe and effective firearm operator.

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