Woman Uses Her Gun to Ward Off Abduction – The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller reports that an Ohio woman, who is licensed to carry, had to draw her weapon and scare off two bat-toting low-lifes.  You can read the story here.

The short it is that two bad guys approached her.  One waved a baseball bat and told her,  “You’re coming with us”.

She pulled her gun and they bolted.

But the opening line to the story is telling…”An Ohio woman who is licensed to carry a gun but had only recently started carrying one for protection put it to good use earlier this week.”

Imagine how the story might have ended if the opening line said, “She was licensed to carry, but didn’t have her gun with her this particular day.”

Or, “She was licensed to carry, but didn’t know how to use her gun effectively in a stressful situation.”?

Our obvious point is that having a concealed carry permit and a gun don’t mean anything if you don’t carry your gun or aren’t professionally trained to use it.

Of course, if she didn’t even have a gun or a license to carry it, the story probably wouldn’t have even made headlines (we found it on the front page of Yahoo news).

This poor woman would have been just another of the many ill-equipped victims of random violence.   MAYBE she would have had time to dial 9-1-1 before they beat her or dragged her away…but that just helps the investigators start the search or clean up the mess.

So lesson #1:  Get a gun and get trained to use it effectively.

Lesson #2:  Carry it with you whenever you want to be safe.  Last time we looked, bad guys don’t make appointments.  And they don’t obey laws.

And consider this: this armed woman wasn’t a threat to anyone until she herself was threatened with violence.

In fact, both she and the good people around her were actually safer because she was armed and ready to defend innocent lives (including her own) from evil-intentioned bad guys.

Think about it.  When bad stuff happens, don’t you want a good guy or gal with a gun nearby?

Maybe that person should be you.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke