Ferguson Area Gun Store Sees 700 Percent Spike in Sales Ahead of Jury Verdict

This headline from a Huffington Post article could be re-written to say “Frightened Procrastinators Scramble at the Last Minute to Protect Themselves from Imminent Danger“.

The article quotes a local gun store owner whose sales have spiked by seven-hundred percent as saying, “These people are afraid.  One hundred percent of them are buying because of Ferguson.”

Sadly, merely OWNING a gun doesn’t mean you’re prepared to use it effectively in a life or death situation.

We’re obviously not opposed to people owning guns.  It’s their constitutional right, as is their right to defend their family, home and property.

Our concern and crusade is that all gun owners will take gun ownership seriously enough to invest in professional training.

Obviously, the citizens in and around Ferguson are concerned for their safety.  But no matter WHY you own a gun, a BIG part of safety is knowing how to handle a firearm properly.  Just ask Jose Conseco.

TRUE safety…not just FEELING safer, but actually being SAFER…comes from AWARENESS, PREPAREDNESS and TRAINING.

The citizens of Ferguson, and all those watching the situation unfold, have become suddenly AWARE of the potential for imminent danger.

Many are choosing to PREPARE to protect themselves by purchasing a firearm and obtaining a Concealed Carry permit.

We wonder how many are TRAINING under professional supervision so that if they really need to rely upon their firearm to protect themselves, their loved ones or their property, they will be able to use it effectively under stress?

For gun owners who are realizing the importance of professional firearms training, we maintain a directory to some of the best firearms training schools in the country.

Just don’t wait until the last minute…or worse, until it’s too late.