Front Sight Firearms Training Excursion

4-Day Defensive Handgun Training
with Optional Day 5 Multi-State Concealed Carry Weapon Permit Training

November 12 – 15, 2021
Optional CCW – November 16, 2021

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Tyler Gunter tells us you’re interested in taking part in the firearms training excursion we’re organizing for  November 12-15 (16), 2021. Great! This page has all the important details you’ll need.

Firearms Training Advocates (FTA) promotes firearms safety through professional training. We believe when someone chooses to own a firearm, they owe it to themselves, their loved ones, and their community to know how to handle their firearm properly.

Because you’ve been referred by Tyler, Firearms Training Advocates is providing the course registration (a $2000 value) for this four-day defensive handgun training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada. We’ll even cover the optional day 5 concealed carry training (a $500 value). Successful completion of this course qualifies you to apply for a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit in multiple states. These permits allow you to carry concealed in over 30 states.

You’re both welcomed and encouraged to train with your own handgun (subject to Front Sight’s rules), but if you need to rent a handgun to train with, FTA will cover this as well. You pay only for your transportation, lodging, meals, ammunition, a $50 background check fee, and a $25 group coordination fee. You may bring your own electronic hearing protection or FTA can arrange for you to rent hearing protection from Front Sight at a low pre-paid rate of only $20.

Bring Friends!

If you have family or friends you’d like to bring too, feel free to extend this offer to them as well. Just BE SURE they indicate they’re with you on their registration forms. Don’t worry if you’re relatively new to firearms. Front Sight’s training is designed to take even the least experienced students and bring them up to a level of proficiency on par with professionals – in just four days. It’s truly amazing!

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute trains thousands of students each month and is the largest firearms training company in the world. Front Sight says when you complete this course, you’ll have skills on par with people who carry a firearm professionally. Most importantly, you’ll be well-versed in the safe and proper handling of your firearm both on the range and at home.

All the details are below. It’s a lot, but PLEASE read it all carefully.

When you’re ready to register, click here to download a registration packet for the November excursion and pay Front Sight’s mandatory $50 background check fee, the $25 group coordination fee, and whatever other options you desire.

Once we receive your registration packet, FTA will set you up with Front Sight and send you an email confirmation and further instructions as detailed below.

For now, here’s all the information you need about the event … 

Front Sight Firearms Training Excursion

4-Day Defensive Handgun Training
with Optional Day 5 Multi-State Concealed Carry Weapon Permit

November 12 – 15, 2021
Optional CCW – November 16, 2021

Click here now to download a registration packet for the NOVEMBER excursion >>

Join us for a fun-filled firearms training excursion at the world’s premier firearms training facility!

Event Description

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the largest firearms training facility in the world. Operating since 1996, Front Sight has trained tens of thousands of students from all walks of life … including military, law enforcement, private security, and everyday citizens.

This comprehensive course is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. In four FULL days of hands-on training, you’ll learn fundamental firearms safety, proper gun handling, marksmanship, and tactical skills. You’ll discover the principles of tactics and have multiple opportunities to use your acquired skills under the stress of simulated lethal encounters. This course is a must for anyone who chooses to own or carry a handgun for self-defense.

Days 1-4 lecture topics and firing range drills include …

  • Procedures for safely loading and unloading
  • Proper grip, stance, aiming, and trigger control
  • Presentation of your firearm from the “ready” position, drawing from both an open carry holster and from concealment
  • Target engagement from arms-length to 15 yards under time pressure
  • Malfunction clearing
  • Speed and tactical reloading
  • Live-fire tactical simulation using realistic targets in shoot/no shoot scenarios
  • Friendly single elimination shoot-off competition
  • Skills evaluation for “Distinguished Graduate” honors

Optional Day 5: Concealed Carry Weapon Permit

Stay just one more day and you’ll complete the CCW course, which qualifies you to apply for a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit in multiple states including Nevada, Utah, and Florida. Even better, through reciprocity laws, those permits may allow you to lawfully carry concealed in 30 or more states.

Front Sight will provide training and guidance in completing your CCW applications for Nevada and Utah, as well as instructions about how to apply in both Florida and Arizona.

What You Need to Know ….

We know you probably have a thousand questions … especially if you’ve never been through any kind of firearms training before. We’ll hit the highlights with the information you need to know so you can save the date, plan your budget, and get registered.

Once you’re registered, we’ll send additional information about what to expect, how to prepare, what to pack, and details about equipment, food, ammo, lodging, transportation, etc.

Front Sight is a phenomenal operation and trains thousands of students every month. We’ve been through their training several times, and we’ll be sure to tell you exactly what you need to know to have a fabulous and fun experience!

Travel and Dates

Plan to arrive in Las Vegas no later than the afternoon of November 11. If you’re only doing the 4-day course, the course ends at 5:00 pm on Monday, November 15 and you should plan to depart McCarran Airport (LAS) no earlier than 8:00 pm.

If you’re staying for the optional concealed carry weapon permit course on November 16, plan to depart LAS on no earlier than 6:00 pm that day.


Front Sight is approximately 45 minutes west of Las Vegas. FTA will provide a list of conveniently located Las Vegas hotels which we’ll provide once your excursion registration is confirmed. Of course, you’re free to stay anywhere you’d like … and there are some options in Pahrump. But in our experience, it’s preferable to stay in Las Vegas in spite of the extra 30-minute drive to Front Sight.

If you’re planning on being in the carpool program, you’ll need to stay at one of the FTA recommended group hotels.


You’ll need to get from your hotel to the Front Sight campus each day. Taxis and ride share services are available but make no economic sense. So you’ll either rent your own car … or you can opt-in to a carpool program for $150 per person. Again … if you choose the carpool program, you’ll need to stay at an FTA recommended group hotel.

The carpool plan is less expensive than renting your own car and you’ll get to know some new friends. Plus, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Your Firearm and Equipment

If you have your own gun, you’re welcome to bring it … subject to Front Sight’s requirements. “Pocket pistols” or sub-compact handguns are not permitted. Anything compact and above is generally allowed. NO MODIFIED GUNS or TRIGGERS.

If you bring your own firearm, Front Sight will inspect both your firearm and your ammo before allowing you on the range. Both must pass Front Sight’s inspection or you’ll need to rent a gun from them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For FTA to cover the cost of your gun rental, you MUST order it IN ADVANCE on your FTA registration form for the September Excursion or your FTA registration form for the November excursion.

If you’ve never traveled with your firearm before, we have a handy guide for traveling with your firearm which we’ll provide once you’ve registered. It’s always best to train with your own firearm, so don’t be afraid to travel with it. Our guide will tell you exactly how to do it.

If you don’t yet have a firearm or prefer not to travel with it, “gun and gear” rental packages are available to rent from Front Sight for $200 plus tax. If you pre-arrange through FTA before you arrive at Front Sight, FTA will cover this expense. You pay only Nevada state sales tax directly to Front Sight.

The Front Sight “gun and gear” package includes:

  • Handgun of your choice (9mm, 40 S&W, or 45 ACP), subject to availability
  • Holster (please specify right or left hand)
  • (3) magazines for your firearms
  • Magazine or ammunition carrier appropriate for your firearm
  • Magazine loader for your firearm
  • Eye protection
  • Gun belt
  • Carrying case for your rental kit

Additionally, you’ll need ELECTRONIC hearing protection (“ears”). NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can rent “ears” on sight for $40 or you may elect to purchase your own and bring them. If you prepay your Front Sight rental through FTA, you pay only $20.


It’s going to take about 700 rounds to get through the entire course plus the CCW training. It’s better to have a little extra than not enough. If you rent your firearm from Front Sight they REQUIRE you to purchase ammo through their on-site ammo store.

Even if you’re bringing your own firearm, transporting 700 rounds of ammo can be a logistical challenge. It’s certainly possible to purchase it locally, but there’s no reason to. Front Sight’s on-site ammo store generally has an ample supply of nearly every commonly used calibers, so once you’re registered, we’ll supply you with instructions on how to place your order directly with Front Sight’s Ammo Bunker.

If you’re renting your training firearm and you’re not sure which caliber to train with, most people prefer 9mm. It’s relatively affordable and one of the easiest calibers to train with.

Background Check – IMPORTANT

Front Sight REQUIRES a background check for a fee of $50. Because FTA is processing your registration, we’ll collect this amount with your registration and pay Front Sight for your initial background check. You should not register if you have any reason to believe you won’t pass a background check.

Additionally, Front Sight will require a character witness statement. You’ll need to have a friend sign a document testifying they’ve known you for at least five years, and they have no knowledge of any criminal activity, mental illness, or substance abuse on your part.

If you don’t have someone willing to sign this statement, PLEASE do not register. Front Sight will not accept you into their training without it.

All the Rest …

The above is what you need to know to budget your time and money for the trip. Once you’re registered, we’ll provide additional guidance about what to pack, meals, lodging, ground transportation, and other logistical information.

Now, it’s time for you to register …

To reserve your place on this exciting firearms training excursion, simply … SAVE the dates … including November 11, 2021 for travel, November 12-15, 2021 for the training, and November 16, 2021 if you’re planning to do the optional CCW course.

Then complete the registration form for the November excursion and submit payment for your Front Sight mandated background check and the group coordination fee, plus whatever other additional items you’d like for this excursion. Again, you don’t need to decide on ammo, gun rental, or ear protection now. You’ll have additional opportunities to add these later.

BUT, it’s important to register as soon as possible because Front Sight classes fill-up FAST … and we need lots of advance notice to coordinate group logistics. Once you’re registered with us, we’ll set you up with Front Sight, including providing your course(s), background check fee, and gun rental (if needed).

Once you’re set up with Front Sight, we’ll send you a confirmation and further instructions about how to prepare for a successful Front Sight firearms training excursion experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Firearms Training Advocates and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute are completely separately owned and operated entities.

FTA is paying for your course, gun rental (if applicable), processing your registration with Front Sight, and coordinating the group excursion to Front Sight. Front Sight is providing the firearms training and is solely responsible for all aspects of the training itself.

Click here now to download a registration packet for the NOVEMBER excursion >>